Thank you for your interest in my work, I am always honored when people seek me out to decorate their skin. This section of my website is an attempt to provide some insight into the process of working together on a tattoo and to try to answer some common questions that a prospective client may have.

Style: As you have likely come to realize, I primarily work within a specific style of tattooing that goes by a few different names; Blackwork/Dotwork/Geometric/Ornamental are the most common terms used to describe the type tattoos that I prefer to create. Focusing on a style that I enjoy and that I feel best aligns with my skill-set and vision, allows me to do my best work. If I feel like a concept strays too far from my artistic style, I always feel much better about recommending another artist who might be better at shaping that specific idea.

booking: If you believe I may be the right artist for a tattoo that you are wanting, please send me an email with a brief description of what you have in mind(concept, reference photos, size, placement, etc) and if necessary we can set up a consultation in person. Before doing any design work or booking an appointment for a tattoo I require a $100 deposit, which can be paid thought venmo, paypal, or cash.

design: While I am always happy to work with clients to fulfill a specific idea for a tattoo, please keep in mind that you certainly don’t need to have all the details figured out (that’s my job). A rough idea of what you’d like is generally more than enough for me to go on, and the more freedom I’m given when it comes to design the more creative I can get. This idea happens to apply to creatives almost universally, so it’s good to keep in mind when working with other artists as well.

Process: Once an appointment is set for a tattoo, here are a some ways to help prepare for your session. Make sure to eat a good meal and be hydrated before before getting tattooed. Your body will be under stress, so being properly fueled will help make it easier. WOMEN: Menstrual cycles usually have a significant effect on the pain level of a tattoo, this is something to keep in mind when scheduling, especially for larger pieces.